2019 Mash Up

So this year i had no motocross bike, no mini bike, no van...luckily i know some of the coolest people on the planet so i had a few outings borrowing bikes! Mostly at the Infamous Apex Motocross track near Worcester, UK. I've thrown together some clips to keep learning with this whole editing software malarky, i'm looking forward to next year when i get back into motocross so i can post updates with a wide range of sports!

While i might still have your attention, if you can, get a Mini Bike and Sign up to do at least one race this year at the Mini Bike nationals. hands down the most i have ever laughed while racing a bike! Really good people and a Chilled atmosphere you just cant knock it!

Thank you Callum Mulcahy, Ky Williams and last but not least as i'm his best man next year at his wedding, Jordan Barrs for letting me shred your bikes this summer! Appreciate you guys!

Also, the surf was in Costa Rica, i'm gonna post a vid on that trip soon, we had a 3 hour Trail ride up the mountain in Jaco that ended up on the beach surfing!

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Catch you soon




Summit Moto


Lead image courtesy @scorchimages 

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