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So, I have been so busy lately I can't keep track of what I was going to do last but I do have some cool updates to talk about!  This is a bit of a read but it will hopefully help you understand who we are! So it's worth a few minutes if I do say so myself, don't forget to check the video links afterward! 


First of all, THE MISSION...

What I am trying to do is set an example. Now, that may seem to you like I think I know it all & that's where I come into my own, I really don't know it all, what I do know, however, is that if a brand supports a group of riders in the right way, the ripple effect is incredible. I also know that if you team up with passionate leading experts in their fields, you can turn hobbies into careers. Simply adding friendly professionalism and taking away some of the rigidity that comes with having to push yourself is where we stand in this market.

We have @gainz_gymaine who is the most incredible personal trainer working out of Baker street London fitness first. He's an all-natural PT that has been changing lives and training a few Saudi Princes! He has just started his online page where we can get workout ideas simply by watching his Instagram tutorials FOR FREE! yes I said FREE! Not to mention his normal page, that will coach your mind. your mind is the most powerful thing to get right!

We have also teamed up with Adam Dyer of @Always_Developing41 who is a Sports Scientist dedicated to bringing the best out of your body and mind while racing bikes, a talented Motocross and BMX Rider who I personally feel was the missing link to my success, luckily I have him with me now! He currently coaches a few MX riders and regularly spends time at the track helping them understand the whole package, not just sit ups!

Whilst out in California I met a young rider, Christian Dresser. I had been trying to get all the jumps dialled in a Fox raceway (Pala) when he passed me, did an oppo whip and took off like I was stood still. Not knowing who he was while very much understanding the skill I just witnessed, I took a sharp left to the pits, took my helmet off and grabbed my camera. he is in this video on the Kawasaki, (green bike for you non moto heads) ;)

I started filming him on this one jump, if you scroll through the Instagram you'll find the vid, if you read this right away, ill share it to the story. Me and his father who had an iPhone and was trying desperately to get some sick shots of the Florida boy out on their trip to gain some exposure started talking. I say talking, he wouldn't stop thanking me. I couldn't quite understand why he was thanking me at the time, but it was nice to have some polite people around that was for sure!

His dad, who is admittedly his #1 fan, had driven him to California from Florida, to ride and hopefully catch a few peoples eye in hope that it would help his sons career. the racing game in the US is so so so tough to be the top, just in the amateur ranks, it had cost him thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, all to end up with just the skill that he has. to me, this is criminal & if you had seen him ride in the UK he is all you would be talking about!

When he pulled into the pits I headed over for a chat, he told me his story, I told him mine and my ambitions, added him on the gram, gave him a Tee to rep & took off back to the CMH house to make a short vid for him for his Instagram. It wasn't too great, I'm still very new to it. I promised I would keep sharing his stuff so that hopefully, all the UK 2 wheeled enthusiasts would get to know who he was! I couldn't get over how humble this 18-year-old lad was after throwing a 450 around like that. A LOT of people in the UK need his attitude. Anyway, I won't get into negatives ;) @christiandresser on Instagram, go follow him, flick through his vids & you'll understand!

Wow, I should do this more so I don't get hit with so much to type at once, so BMX!

Crucial BMX Shop let me show off my merch this weekend at Round one of the UK National series, they are family to me. Now, the UK scene is having a bit of a crisis, the ELITE riders are getting a grand total of £150 for risking their lives racing their bikes to beat absolutely everyone in the country. Not to mention, they ride and train in manchester full time, I'm not exactly sure about the wages, but where do they go afterward? They don't earn enough to set them up for life and they might not even make it through next weekend. This is a government-funded sport that leaves its riders with a broken body and a ticket back to Peckham to figure it out themselves. I say Peckham, I mean wigan and a few other places too, I just relate to Peckham so its easier for me to talk about. Paddy Sharrocks skill and style on a bike is a uncomparable in my opinion but he's a Wigan lad, ain't been so I can't tell you what's up! I do know that if he has to find a job when he's finished racing that isn't passing on his knowledge, the worlds gonna get slower and stiffer!

Our sports actually breed winners of working-class people, there is a grit and determination needed to risk your life to go so fast just to win a race. For me, It comes from having nothing and wanting to better my life. I genuinely feel lucky to have not "made it" in motocross, or BMX right now, I'm disgusted I am even saying that. I was convinced as a kid that if I rode fast enough, showed a good attitude and was polite to everyone, someone would see my potential & help me out. 

What I got instead was my friend's parents doing just that. If you know me, everything you have seen came from my friend's parents taking over from my grandad who was taking me racing in a Vauxhall Agila with a trailer & a BMX rack on top. I can guarantee now I have the greatest extended family through bikes that you could ever ask for. My friends & their families are hands down the best people on this Earth. Period. 

People where me, the Whyte Brothers & I'm sure a lot of other people especially that are excelling in the BMX world in the UK battle crime, gangs, all sorts of nonsense. My High school girlfriend's ex-boyfriend was stabbed and killed by the time we had hit college. A very good childhood friend of mine from football was beaten up and killed at the age of 17. My high school police officer had his leg broken by the students in the year above me. Some of us come from a world you would call Hell. I personally got lucky, I was at the skatepark. I met some cool people from different areas that I could meet and we rode out bikes until we couldn't see the jumps anymore. It sounds far fetched but I have witnessed Michael Pusey MBE change an inner city 90s pump track into an Olympic facility and turn some "hoodrats" into the people your kids are aspiring to be today. So it is possible! anything is possible. 

I currently can't afford a motocross bike, I could have but this is more important. Luckily for me again, my boy Jordan has 2 bikes, he's injured & bored so I'm racing his, we fixed the motor that broke on him in the air and sent him over the bars absolute smashing his shoulder to sand! What I have done is helped Christian out in the US fund an Advert video to help blow him up and gain some exposure for the brand. I can't begin to explain how excited i am to see it later this year!

I have also decided that I am going to sponsor the UK BMX series with £75 every weekend they have a national as a start, I'm guessing unofficially, towards the elite riders payout purse. I'm hoping the loyal fans of the sport will put their hands in their pockets as it will be inside a donation tin, even if you chuck a quid in, at the end of each day it can be shared out evenly to the winners. they deserve it, we love to watch them and they risk everything, don't leave them with nothing!

I see everyone moaning about our servicemen & women being ill-treated and I can't see this any differently, I work very hard as a safety net rigger but I can't do this on my own, your kids may be the beneficiaries of this movement. I am trying to change the culture, the stars deserve the fruits of their labor and we deserve to see them earn what they deserve for sometimes conquering the whole world, starting from Peckham! honestly, Quillan Isadore 16-year-old boys champion I think 2 years after he started racing? Tre Whyte ELITE WORLD #3, his brother Kye Whyte the current ELITE WORLD #5. When you have a minute, watch the Netflix Documentary "1 WayUp"


All you will see for the foreseeable future is me giving up my time to push riders who need it the most & document the sports we love to hopefully gain outside sponsors & support to change the lives of our talent, hopefully bringing opportunity to peoples lives in the industry. My wish from you is to enjoy the products that I have spent a lot of time and money creating to help me.

My extended family are awesome, they are spread all over the world and they always work together to achieve great things. That's how we got out of the gutter in the first place, let's make change, build some tracks & get some bikes for kids who need help! hopefully, more kids can ride away from trouble and explore the world too!

Travel & Ride!

Join the family, We Need You!


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