Birmingham BMX Challenge!

I was talking to my boy Jason recently, he's been putting the hard work in at Birmingham BMX club for as long as I can remember as well as bringing a little sunshine to the place with an infectious personality on a rainy day! It's no wonder the place is being well used even through the winter months!

Birmingham has been cruel and kind to me, I had a massive concussion here the day after winning the national round the day before! Bittersweet has always been the theme for me haha!

anyway, long story short, he shot this video of me a fair few years ago and it gave me an idea to challenge some talent!

So, the first 3 people who send me a video of themselves pulling this line off at Birmingham will earn themselves a merch pack including the new tee that I have planned to drop very soon!


Enter at your own risk, I accept no responsibility for injury, you do not have to enter to get merch! It's coming with the new included in the challenge... I've been kinda busy :D 

Under 18's Enter through your parents or not at all! 

Good luck, be safe and if I catch you not wearing your helmet and pads you're in trouble and deffo should be worn if you do decide to have a go! I had many a scary moment trying to pull this off!


Big Love



Summit Moto


(lead image courtesy Spencer Moret)

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