I can't contain my excitement right now, this has been a year of many firsts but this is a bucket list banger that i cant keep in!

(image courtesy @scorchimages)

I was doing some live feed filming with a friend a few months back and he invited me on to a California ride trip with CMH, sounds awesome right? Theres a catch...

This passed year has been a year of rebuilding for me. The main thing was me stepping out into the big wide world of business on my own with a couple of weeks savings knowing i would never be able to turn back. More on that another day...

Im a 'Yes" man so in true fashion, no idea how i was about to make it happen, on the way home from my first job working for myself i spent all my money on the deposit and flights! I guess this is just who i am, maybe i've learned to deal with it...

This has been a dream of mine since growing up watching Jeremy Mcgrath on VHS videos out of Dirt Bike Rider magazine at like, 4/5 years old. To spend some time just riding the different tracks out in the US in the sunshine! Every 'Moto Rasta's' dream! not to mention we are going to watch Anaheim 2! I have just paid the final instalment off and i'm about to embark on something i have always sucked at but know i'm gonna need for this trip!

Training! i have some things to talk about regarding that  soon! My secret to how i manage to wing it (most of the time).

Some people don't know the extent of the help they are giving by being friendly. Sharing a compliment about each others work landed us on a trip to the USA together so if you see me thanking this person, it is more than for the photo's he's taken. When someone guides you towards something you have always wanted to do and teaches you things along the way to better yourself, you thank that person like they haven't heard it before. His name is Kris, @krisbarrry on instagram, go check him out! also if you're into motocross, @crushmotocross

Make sure you check @scorchimages too, he's a very cool guy who is passionate about what he does and he always manages to make me look like i know how to ride ;) 

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catch you soon!

ya boy!





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