California IS the dream!

Just home from another crazy travel and ride trip, this time with California Motocross Holidays!

Firstly I want to thank everyone who showed some love and threw it sideways when they saw me with the camera! Secondly but no less important, the guys I traveled with for capturing me doing my thing, helping me create another amazing memory!

last but not least, the guys who have purchased some of the merch over at and actually sold me out helped me buy a better GoPro and a new helmet to keep my noggin safe! I appreciate you all more than words can express! I'll get some more sorted when this jet lag stops making me fall asleep and dribble down myself at 1pm...

I hope you enjoy this one, get in touch if you would like to join me next time, I love riding with new people! I made 10 new life friends on this trip, I'm always open to do cool stuff with new people!

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  • It was a pleasure brother, would happily join you in making more memories on the next one 👌🏾

    Sam Hardwell

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