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I have been wide open lately trying to create a brand that treats people how we like to be treated. This comes from being fed up with giving our hard-earned cash to people who don't do their jobs properly and ruin your weekend, week, month, sometimes even your race season just for a little financial gain. I have been excited in the past to have work done by people & paid over the odds only to be disappointed by absolutely shocking work. I won't shout about it, but if you tell me you're going there I'll tell you what happened :)

Anyhow, I shout people out when they are good to me, simply because its free and the least I could do to repay them. Read that a few times, let it sink in... 

I headed up to MotoXtreme to pick up some goggles a while back before my trip to California, I have been running the same goggles since 2012, I'm a little superstitious so if my kit ain't broke I don't fix it! I bumped into my boy Jordan who was there picking up a KTM 250 2 stroke, if you have been keeping up you'll know I was best man at his wedding recently, I managed to not dribble down myself doing my speech, so regardless of whatever came out of my mouth, that's a win for me!

What I didn't know at the time was Jordan had some plans for that bike, he is currently injured & out for the majority of the season, although now he's probably not going to miss much! I went out riding in California to keep myself in the loop while not having a bike, you have to do what you can when you love it & honestly, I got about as much ride time out there in 10 days as I do in 6 months here so by the end of the trip I felt ready to go!

The plan with the bike was the thing that choked me up, Jordan decided he would rather see me race it than just let it sit in the garage! He called me up & asked if I was interested & as long as I covered the maintenance costs, its mine to ride for the year! So California became a bit of a boot camp for me, I had to be steady not to get too excited as I had something to work towards now! To be fair, I think he was trying to butter me up so I was nice to him in the speech but I'm gonna let him have this one. Jord, you're a real one. I don't even know what to say but thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're still a bellend though!


So, MotoXtreme...

Tom has been watching me pop in and out of his shop every other year scratching my head & looking after me & the boys whenever he can, he never tells you he has something if he can't get it. straight shooter, all you can ask for in a shop. I never forget people who look after me even if it's in the smallest ways, MotoXtreme has always been somewhere I've felt welcome, even back when I was 15 & I spoke with gun fingers pointing out like a badman rummaging through his stock he had my back & didn't take the piss pulling my family's pants down when they went to pay for work on my bike. You see where I'm going with this!

I have never owned a brand new bike, I'm the hand me down king, give me an old bike & it motivates me to smoke the new bikes, one thing that sucks is when you buy a second-hand bike you can never be too sure of the life it has had. Now I have finally learned through seeing my friend very hurt after a bike let go right away, that you should strip it down for peace of mind & get the motor some new bits to be sure. Not only will this help you, but it will also take the strain off of the guys you bought the bike from. Big shout out to the man on the spanners, Jordans dad David & Jordan himself as I'm pretty useless on the tools, they stripped this thing down and built it back up for me! Some people go the extra mile, some people have no limits...

Back to the shop subject, you don't want a bike breaking on you, neither do they, so get it rebuilt as well as you can so the responsibility is no longer on them, after all, most of the time they have bikes in the store that are customers they are simply helping to move their old bikes on. Peace of mind for all & no bad vibes! success!

Thanks to everyone who is helping me do what I love right now, even if it's just a pat on the back or a share of my page, I have been trying to get more people riding bikes since I got the opportunity myself & being able to share what I'm doing with others is the icing on the cake to an amazing little story of my own. I appreciate you all!

Anyway, here's a little story in a video, I hope you like it! I'm going to buy a new song to edit to now, I think its time you heard something new!


Please keep sharing my posts, it helps me reach out to more people, myself & my wee team are only trying to do good things! & don't forget to check out the store! 


Catch you soon



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