What's the best O'Neal glove? You decide...

Alongside our Summit Moto casual clothing, we’ve teamed up with a selected number of brands that fit perfectly alongside us, and for this product comparison, it’s O’Neal. One of the leading brands in MTB and Moto, they’re constantly developing their offerings and we’re proud to work with them. With a product range covering all two-wheeled disciplines, there’s something for everyone.

Gloves are something we should all be wearing when riding a bike of any kind and O’Neal knock it out the park with a range of no less than 10 designs to choose from! We’ve opted to sell three to keep what we offer simple. But, gloves are just gloves, right? Well, no, they’re very different for multiple reasons and as I’ve been fortunate enough to use all three for a number of years, I’d like to think I’m pretty well qualified to advise on the O’Neal glove range…

O’Neal Matrix glove – Price: £18

The entry level glove. At just £18, the Matrix glove ticks just as many boxes as its more expensive brothers do. Unique to these gloves is the vented mesh top and with your hands always cutting through the wind, the air flow will be forced in which will help prevent sweaty palms and possible blisters. Four solid colour designs will ensure a design to suit all tastes and a classic Velcro fastening ensures a secure fit.



O’Neal AMX Glove – Price: £30


The most expensive O’Neal glove on the Summit Moto site. Designed with heavy input from DH legend Greg Minnaar, it’s naturally loaded with the most ‘tech’ that meets the standard of a three-time world champion. Featuring a fully vented palm, the sides of the glove are fully vented, and the slip-on design makes them faff-free. The back of the thumb uses absorbent fabric for wiping away sweat from your brow in a somewhat clean and comfortable manner. Minimalistic, super lightweight and very high quality, it’s a glove you won’t even realise you’re wearing.

These AMX gloves have well over 50 hours of use over multiple disciplines



O’Neal Mayhem glove – Price: £27

With the most designs in the O’Neal glove range, we’ve selected a few of our favourites. A solid all-rounder, a double-layered thumb makes these more suited to moto out of all three of these gloves, given the demanding conditions faced in that discipline. Comfortable and hard-wearing, the O'Neal Mayhem glove is loaded with features such as utilising a four way stretch material on the back, a silicone print on the palm for superior grip and a reliable Velcro fastening on the wrist ensures a secure fit.

These Mayhem gloves have around 20 hours of use


THE VERDICT: There's not a bad glove here but if pushed to make a decision, I'd recommend the AMX glove. Superior ventilation promotes a feeling that you're not really wearing gloves, they're that minimalist. The absorbent thumb really helps if you're a 'sweater' like I am when out on the MTB or BMX. Plus with countless hours put on a single pair these are a worthy investment for any riding discipline.

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