Isle of Man TT 🇮🇲

 After years of racing bikes ourselves instead of taking up the offer to head to the Isle of Man with Big Vern, a last minute “screw it we have to” decision had us rushing back from Hawkstone park Acerbis nationals and throwing whatever clean clobber we had in a bag to finally see what all the fuss was about! 

Once we arrived, we found a spot in Ramsay to park the van up, found the Upavon mxc head honcho Lee Mason for his homemade cider and got our heads down buzzing for the unknown. 

We headed over the mountain road first thing en route to the pits to get an understanding of the track and it all started to set in just how amazing these riders really are pushing the limits with no room for error whatsoever! It really does leave you speechless… 

Of course, we had to get some snaps of the bling on show before heading off to film the practice week for all of you at home in a bid to make sure we tease you enough to go next year and not hang it out like we did! The video is awesome but there is nothing like it in real life so get that ferry booked and we’ll see you there! 

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Enjoy the Raw FansEyeView ✊😮‍💨




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