Not so ready to race*... 450 time? - Cuan Conway

We took a long drive to the Acerbis Nationals round 2 just over a week ago which was at the well known Scottish track Duns, located somewhere between Newcastle and Edinburgh just across the border!

Now, if you keep up with us on socials you'll know all about our mission to keep Cuan Conway, a talented 16 year old from South Africa on track with his racing while his dad can't be here in the UK for a while. With that being said, we have had an overwhelming amount of support from some really amazing and generous people who have teamed up with us to make this possible as we all know the cost of racing bikes does not make this an easy task. 

Anyways, back to the story! We rolled into duns and our eyes lit up, amazing scenery and a track that had us grinning like Cheshire cats. (unsure of that reference but hear it used everywhere) 

Cuan was first out on track and after an evening of changing tyres with our good friend Cymru Cartel and some fiddling about fitting a start device supplied from we were ready to roll with the first moto after a few fun practice laps figuring out the track!

Unfortunately, there are no results to speak of other than a big DNF 3 laps in and a lap after a little tip over trying to make a pass, the trusty 2018 let go in a big way! Luckily it happened wide open uphill so nothing too dangerous to report on but we thought we would share some damage pics with you guys and follow that up with some good news once you're done inspecting and diagnosing the mess!


As you can see above, it was a big hit to the system and we have more to inspect as we strip the bottom end but there is a silver lining to this cloud!

We had been in talks with Gary who runs the Wulfsport Suzuki Team about a ride, with him not having anyone to pilot his 450 this year we had a few conversations and had thought it be best we get to grips with racing the bigger bikes and for everyones sake, get to know each other before going in blind and letting Cuan loose on such a fast bike! 

After a few rounds of getting to know each other and racing the same meetings, Gary who has been in our corner regardless asked the question once he had seen Cuan looking a little distraught if now was the time to make the jump! So the next time you see Cuan racing we are over the moon to announce it will be on board the Meredith Motocross - Wulfsport Suzuki 450 Competing in the MX1 class at the Acerbis Nationals and the AMCA Championships!

Stay tuned to our socials and subscribed to our YouTube to keep up to date with the new chapter of our journey, teaming up with some of the best people in UK Motocross!

Special thanks goes out to Shaun Mahoney from 1st Call travel LTD for the continued support, we would have to write a new blog to explain the lengths he's gone! Chris Brown @ Factory Touch for the suspension servicing! Tom Evans for kitting Cuan out with fresh threads for the year and once again DIRTHUT.CO.UK for shipping us out some every day essentials to keep us on track! We really couldn't do any of this without you guys!

Big love and we'll see you all soon!

Summit Moto


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