Wedding bells are ringing!


This time next week we will be doing the final prep for when this badass mofo turns into a wet wipe and gets married to the love of his life... I thought I knew him well, maybe he's still dizzy from this spin haha!

legally we can't marry our bikes so he's found himself a nice female to shack up with & he has asked me to be his best man! While I sit wondering what the hell I'm going to say for a speech that won't get us in trouble or bore the new half of his family with bike stories, here's a vid showing how much fun we have when we race.

I'm actually still bitter about this one, after seeing him on the deck I thought I had him covered... I'm never safe!

Next you see of us 2 together we'll be in some flash clobber dancing behind someone's nan with booze in one hand and food in the other!



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