Whats with the Basketball jersey?

How's it going?

I've been working on ideas for a while to support some riders, as I said in my last post I've been working on some things with Christian Dresser out in the USA who's a talented 18-year-old who's pushing himself to get the most out his talent...

Now, I play a lot of sports outside of bikes, Football & Basketball are my favorites! Being involved in those sports gave me an understanding of how players & teams benefit from letting people wear replica jerseys. so here is my plan!

A fair few years ago I was racing at a track in Wiltshire called Bushton, a track that had claimed 2 of my biggest off's but that's another story! I was messing about in the pits with a friend of mine Matt who helps a young lad called Tremaine who reminds me of me! He can't sit still for 5 minutes, talks more than your mother on the phone to her mates & loves riding his bike more than anyone on the track! He runs the number 117 like his favourite 2 riders Matt & Jordan Ridgeway & I have got him a set of jerseys to race in this year! This is where you guys come into it...


Basically, nobody wants to wear a motocross jersey on a hot summer day at the pub to show off their favourite rider like you would say, Christiano Ronaldo with a football tee, but who doesn't love a basketball jersey! I'm hoping to attract more people into the bike world, even if it's just to watch some crazy kids on a weekend & this is my plan to bring us all together from all sports and learn to appreciate the difference rather than slate it.

Next Monday I'll be taking orders for a select few people's numbers on jerseys who I feel deserve some fans & support! £5 from each jersey sold will go to the rider in question & I'll be documenting their progress on social media so you can keep up with your favorites like you would those guys who run around kicking a bag of air!

Hopefully, young riders like Tre will see people in the street & in the pits running their jersey & boost their confidence as well as having some backing! he's a bit of a terror in school due to his, shall we say "overactive" mind. The guys at Unity Road Motorcycles in Keynsham, bristol already have a problem on their hands with rebuilding a motor that let go on him yesterday & this could really change things for the better! 

So, If you're down with the movement and are keen to help me make a positive impact on some riders' lives while keeping up with them like we do the footballers, keep an eye on the socials for the first gang we are ready to support!

I wanna see some festival shots too! 

Much Love



Summit Moto




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  • Hi Mitch it’s treys mum here
    I would just like to thank you for doing this for Tremaine. It has really put a big smile on his face and just made him so happy. All he ever wants is for people to show him they care and Believe in him!! You have shown him this. which I am truly grateful for. Once again a very big thank you. Claire

    Claire sollars

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