Lockdown Lowdown || Who is Always Developing?

In this instalment of the “Lockdown Lowdown” series, we have caught up with Adam Dyer. Owner and chief over at Always Developing, a unique and highly qualified coach who is using the new school approach to engage, enhance and empower the new generation of talent in the two-wheeled sport world! Take it away boss! 

"Where to begin? So, strangely my mum got me into motocross
. One of her work friends had a son who raced, and so one day we went along to watch Austin ride. Whether it was the smell of two stroke or the speed of everyone going around, from that point on I was hooked. When I was growing up my life revolved around sport and two wheels, whether it was playing football or riding a scooter, BMX, mountain bike, or a motocross bike it was what me and my friends would do with every bit of our spare time.


"I got my first bike at four years old and had my first race when I was five. I didn’t know it then, but I was riding with Luke Dean and some others that would go far in the motocross world.

"I naturally progressed up through the bikes. My first bike was a Husky 50, my second bike was a Lem 50 after my Husky had been stolen from my garage. I then moved onto a Kawasaki KX 65, which I matched with a Shark helmet for a season thinking it looked mint and then moved onto a matching No Fear kit combo! - Fast! 


"After this I rode a Yamaha. I stayed on Yamaha through the SW85, BW85, and the bike I ride today the trusty 08 YZF 250. Throughout my youth I rode schoolboy with the Corsham and Mid Wilts clubs, capturing club championships in 65cc, SW85, and BW85 classes with Corsham. I narrowly missed out on the rookie championship to Andrew Fitzgerald who had a solid season with no injuries.

"I look fondly back at these days, as these were ‘the days’ as they say, racing your mates and having some good battles with the likes of Luke Sturgeon and Kieran Banks. I remember battling with Kieran for the win in every race at Cheddar and another time at Enmore where we were battling to see who could hit the most dust berms it seemed. I definitely enjoyed the competition as well as seeing how far you could push yourself on a bike.

"I then headed off to Swansea University to study Sport and Exercise Science. This was definitely some of the best years of my life making memories that I will never forget. This unfortunately meant motocross had to take a back seat. I maybe rode once or twice a year, but as one door closes another door opens.

Adam taking the Corsham sw85cc championship honours 

"University opened many doors including those at the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU). I worked in association with the WRU receiving training from strength and conditioning
coaches. They educated a small group of us on strength training & Olympic lifting.

"Once I had left University with my degree, I went into Primary School PE coaching alongside personal training and running group exercise sessions. I have gained so much knowledge about the body, nutrition and the science of sport from my time at University. However, I wanted to take strength and conditioning further, so I up-skilled and educated myself by attending multiple courses and becoming a level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach and a youth specialist coach. This is an on-going journey for me, and I will keep continuing to develop in this area.


"Whilst doing this I was working with multiple clients. One who was training to run a marathon, another client who had weight loss as a goal and finally a client whose main goal was to build muscle. All of which gave me a wide range of experience. In my personal life myself and Ben Cryer motivate each other daily allowing us to both move forward in our training.

"I have always trained myself to be fit for motocross, it took me a while to realise that my passion was to specifically want to help and train motocross athletes! I recognise key areas that need improvement from specific testing that all of my clients receive. I then create and build programmes for in and out of the racing season. This programme has allowed these athletes to peak at the right time for races and maintain fitness throughout the season! 

"Some of these athletes include Billy Collins, a youth motocross athlete who came to me post ACL op. He had worked really hard on his post operation physio and we continued to work on strengthening the knee. This was to ensure it would be 100% before the season started. I built on that with a foundation of good movement with strength and plyometric exercises. This massively increased his lower body strength and endurance, which was tried and tested through monthly performance testing.

"I have also been training Corey Hockey who became Pirelli British Masters 125cc Championship in 2016, took 3rd place at Weymouth Beach race and most recently this year he will be competing in the AMCA British MX1 championship for team APEX KTM UK. We have been working together on dialling in movement and conditioning, as well as overall athleticism through this difficult time. We have continued to develop by using Facetime to complete training sessions and effective workout programming for this out of season period.


"Having ridden all my life and continuing to ride, I understand the hard work it takes to perform at a high level especially in a demanding sport like motocross. When you line up on that start line you want to be the best and most confident in the preparation you have made.

"I know I can help I can make a difference and help riders achieve that. My goal is to increase the rider’s knowledge on how, and what to train in a safeappropriate and engaging way. I am creating a community built on real dreams and real results by giving as many riders the opportunity to develop, be and feel the best they ever have on their bike and in their mind!"

I don’t think I’ll be the only one impressed by what I have just read, I know I for one will be keeping up with Adam and getting a program written up for me so I’m ready when the floodgates open! Thanks Adam for your time and I hope everyone’s healthy and happy still in these confusing times.

Keep up with Adam & his riders on Instagram! @always_developing41

Peace & love 



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