Yarley Practice & Presentation! Sunday December 19th

What's up summit gang!

So our series has been cut short due to some behind the scenes complications and we have, with the help of our instagram following, decided to wrap it up with the 4 rounds that we have completed and run a presentation at our final date at Yarley this Sunday, 19th of December along side a practice day which, if you raced at our last round you know the track is running sweet as right now!


After some real fast racing with drop-ins from some pedigree riders, Luke Dean of FiveTwoRacing took the first Summit Moto Crown after showing everyone how to ride a 125 this winter since hopping on the Fantic motor and sealing the deal on the 300 notes cash prize! Ross Kersey was 66 points back in 2nd place and rocket man Jordan Barrs rounded out the top 3!

In the B class Kyle Banks was the Boss after a winter long battle with Dean Cummings who after taking a slam at Yarley ended up finishing 3rd overall in the championship leaving the 2nd place spot to the Wild Welsh man Kyle Probert, king of the @CymyruCartel 

The C class championship was won by the Mowhak man Kye Flippance, BMX racer Dan Leak flipped his skills over and took 2nd place and Harrison Boyd took the 3rd step with some race wins under his belt too!

Huey Samson took the auto title with a very mature riding style for a little man! In 2nd place was Logan Lewis who took a moto win at each round! 3rd step although also taking some moto wins and holeshots was Jaxon Bishop! all three of you speedy Auto guys are invited to the Champions Training Day with Luke Dean (date & venue tbc)!

65 class and our first round maximum point taker Jayden Neale took the overall title away from LDR coached Olly Hadlow in 2nd place and 3rd was flying Freddie Banks!

(image courtesy @leigh_wotton)

85 small wheels now and Tyler Cooper is our first Champion, he took the top spot away from "holeshot" Harley Quinn in 2nd place and George Clark took the final spot after missing the first round, he took 2 maximum point days to the table one at each track! 

85 big wheels champion was Alfie Irons took the title from under the nose of Fabian-Junior Morrison who battled through the pack a number of times to secure second spot on the podium away from Callum Swain who's consistency this winter landed him on the podium and in the Summit record books!

Finally the names that you'll soon never hear the last of, the youth/rookies class, under 18 but you wouldn't know it by their riding! Always Developings rising star Harry Ridgway is your new champion ahead of Archie Taylor putting the first 125 on the box in second! Riley Ward kept it close just 8 points behind to finish the series with the Bronze medal!

(Charlie Richmond at North Nibley @leigh_wotton)

All of our Champions plus the top 3 Auto pilots have won a ticket to the Champions Training day with our A class Champion Luke Dean giving you guys a coaching session going into next seasons racing! Date and venue tbc!

You can find the final series standings on this link https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Organizations/442324/Championships

If you won a free ride at the last round you can show up on the day and ride! We have your names to the side at signing on, just let us know you're you!

Thank you all for your support this winter! It has been a blast learning how to pull all of this together and we hope you have enjoyed your racing with us and can't wait to see you guys more often!

Booking in for Yarley this Sunday is via the link below!

We are a small team so Go Race really help us out with paperwork issues! https://www.goracemx.com/event.php?eid=4214

if you haven't been to Yarley, our last blog post has a video showing you the track including drone footage from @rollzee, go check it out!

Hope this clears some stuff up and we see you all Sunday!

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